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About Us


Welcome Dear Visitor

We are a Free Brethren House Church group of Christians which are located in different countries looking to find others of the same convictions. This website is for Christians looking for truth over Mainstream Christianity. It is for Christians who question their Christian traditions and various ideas that influence our modern average Christian mind-set. Moreover, it is for Christians who take the Bible as their only authority in the their lives.

We too experienced the same questioning as we faithfully involved ourselves with the churches we fellowshipped in, from orthodox to even charismatic based groups, and continued to find that there was a true lack of spiritual maturity. There was no solid application of biblically based principles and practices made evident through the fruits of the spirit.

Through our diligent study and prayer we have found that the Early Church was much different than what is considered Christianity today. It is these very studies that continued to bring us back to the original European Anabaptist groups that also experienced the same conclusion that the churches of their time, whether Protestant or Catholic, were also very much void of the truths and principles that Christ taught us.

So you will find that we have chosen to return to these original principles, convinced that the Church is completely separate from all governments of this world and that we must not intertwine them even though governments from time to time give their consent. We strongly embrace the house church environment over state sanctioned and licensed buildings of worship. We are non-confrontational, do not believe in taking oaths, etc.; all of which comes from the core teachings of our Lord found in Matthew chapters 5 through 7.

Applying and living through knowledge and understanding of what Christ intended for his Church is the main theme of our site and we encourage you to explore through the various articles and writings some of what we have learned. We look forward to your sincere questions and look to have fellowship with those who are serious about living according to Christ's word, displaying fruits of righteousness as evidence that His spirit truly dwells within.

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