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The Idea of the Early Church


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We do not understand the Early Church as the Church founded on the words and writings of Church Fathers. We contend that the writings of Church Fathers were the source of much corruption that resulted in the formation of the Church State, i.e. the Church that would later on be divided into two main branches: the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church. The formation of the Church State had introduced many practises and doctrines not taught by Jesus and His Apostles. To mention a few ones: persecutions of "heretics", the cult of saints in the forms of maryiolatry (worship of Mary, the Mother of Jesus) and saint-worship, infant baptism, ritualism with many elements foreign to the practise of the Early Church, introduction of new orders of priests, etc.

Therefore, this site is not about the writings of the Church Fathers, but rather about the teachings of Christ and His Apostles as testified by apostolic writings. Their writings are preserved and can be read in our Bibles.

The Church that follows only the infallible authority of apostolic writings is the Church following the paradigm of the Early Church. Let the infallible authority of Christ and His Apostles be our only Guide.

Moreover, let us also teach from their examples and their practises as testified by the most earliest documents of the history of our Church: the Gospels, the book of Acts (or Acts of the Apostles), Epistles and the Revelation. The writings of the Apostles are the most reliable and earliest documents of our Church. Let their writings together with the writings of the prophets of the Old Testament be our only Guide.

In this site we will also dwell on the Apostolic testimony of Christ: His life, teachings, and most importantly, His resurrection. Therefore, you will find here many articles dealing with the historic testimony of Christ's resurrection, the history of the Church, articles on basic doctrines, articles on Christian practice and objections against both Catholic and Protestant theology concerning doctrines of salvation, theocracy, and ritualism. is for Christians who question their Christian traditions and various ideas that influence our modern average Christian mind-set. It is for Christians who take the Bible as their only authority in the their lives.

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